#3: The Appropriated Budget

In my Introduction, I identified 3 expense types in the federal budget:  appropriated, mandatory and interest.  Then, in my review of Fred’s situation, I highlighted that in Obama’s 2017 Federal Budget plan, the federal government is planning to spend 20% to 25% more than it receives in tax receipts.  This will increase the national debt… Continue reading #3: The Appropriated Budget

#2: The Story of Fred

I have a friend whom I have known all my life. His name is Fred. I don’t see Fred as much as I used to when we were younger. However, we have established a tradition of getting together with our families every July 4th. This year, as the wives were chatting and the kids were playing in the pool, Fred brought me a beer and opened up. “You know, Jim, the career is going okay, but I’m just not getting ahead. Know what I mean?”