#17. The Value of Volunteers

What is the value of volunteer work in America?  Let’s look at some examples. PointsofLight.org claims to be the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service.  It was founded by President George H.W. Bush (#41) based on the “1000 points of light” vision he articulated in his inaugural address.   On their website they highlight 5… Continue reading #17. The Value of Volunteers

#16. Donald Trump – The Modern Nehemiah?

In 2016, Donald Trump campaigned for and won the presidency of the United States in part by repeatedly promising to build a wall along the southern border between the United States and Mexico in order to prevent illegal immigration.  Candidate Trump argued that illegal immigration is hurting Americans in many ways.  In large numbers, illegal… Continue reading #16. Donald Trump – The Modern Nehemiah?

#15. The Suicide of the Democratic Party

So many people expected November 8, 2016 to be an historic day.  Two hundred and forty years after 13 colonies declared independence from Great Britain to form a new nation, the United States of America would finally elect its first female president – Hillary Clinton. The reaction from Clinton supporters includes shock, anger, tears, marching… Continue reading #15. The Suicide of the Democratic Party

#14. Voter ID Laws

Why are we hearing about controversy over voter ID laws in 2016?  What’s wrong with showing a driver’s license, or other types of picture ID’s when one goes to vote? This recent controversy started when the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote in a case called Shelby County v. Holder, that Section 4(b) of… Continue reading #14. Voter ID Laws

#13. Raising the Minimum Wage

I have a friend, Mark (not his real name), who would be considered in the top 1% of income earners.  Mark has a large home and recently has been making substantial improvements to the 10 acres in his back yard.  Every day Mark hires day laborers to help him build walls, pour concrete and landscape… Continue reading #13. Raising the Minimum Wage

#12. The Seed of a Solution to the Health Care Crisis

Thank you, President Obama, for Obamacare.  Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I expect to save approximately $80,000 in health insurance premiums between 2015 and 2020. How can I say this?  How am I able to confirm that President Barak Obama kept his promise that I would realize lower my health insurance premiums and… Continue reading #12. The Seed of a Solution to the Health Care Crisis

#11: Public Bathrooms and Transgender People

I met Bruce Jenner once.  I was attending the annual sales award dinner in 1994 for the software company where I was employed at the time.  Mr. Jenner was hired to give a speech and be in photographs with each of the award recipients, myself included.  The message implied by standing next to an Olympic… Continue reading #11: Public Bathrooms and Transgender People